Corporate Team Building through Pottery Making


Wouldn’t it be fun to relax and enjoy the art of pottery making?

About Pottery Making…..

teambuilding-01Pottery making is an excellent and relaxing activity to enhance individual creativity and foster stronger bonds among your colleagues.  Pottery making encourages creativity and releases work stress. The process of focusing your energy in your creation is an experience that is both rejuvenating and self-fulfilling.

Clay is used as the main medium for participants to explore their imagination and be in touch with their creative side.    In moulding and shaping the clay, the participants will be using their right-brained and externalising their internal images.  It is a fun yet effective method in discovering the creative and innovation side among. 

The participants will learn the basic hand-building methods such as pinching, coiling and slab-building. The participants can work together to create functional-ware for the pantry, clay sculpture to be displayed in the office or individual smaller art pieces to exchange as presents for each other.


About the Team Building Workshop…..

proj-01The pottery making workshop is aimed at enhancing the creativity among the participants and creating a self-awareness of each participants’ ability to innovate. 

The team building workshop is aimed at bringing people together to share ideas and use their hands in creating pottery masterpieces.  The participants may not normally be working together in a creative environment and our workshop will take them away from their busy schedule.  The participants will also feel a strong sense of accomplishment in having contributed to being part of a creative project.

In the training, the trainers use clay as the main medium and facilitate the session to encourage the participants to design and build a sculpture.  The participants are usually encouraged to think out of the box and come up with unique designs.  In thinking out of the box, the participants will discover their latent creativity and work as a team in creating a unique pottery sculpture that may serve as a functional ware too.

Come together and design unique sculptures!  Leverage on each colleagues’ strength and ideas.  Take on different roles of being a designer and builder to create a first-of-its-kind pottery masterpiece based on a theme!

This innovative pottery workshop can be conducted at Clay Cove or at your chosen venue e.g. by the beach

About the Trainers….

This course is specially designed by Moni Pang and Magdalen Shew.  Moni Pang holds an Masters in Business Administration degree from the Imperial College, London, UK and Magdalen Shew holds a Masters of Science in Information Management degree from the Lancaster University, UK.

Both of them have extensive consulting and training background, having worked for more than 10 years in National Computer Board, Accenture and Singapore Computer Systems.  Besides consulting for government agencies, they have trained in corporate training programmes such as Creativity at Work, Change Management, e-Government, Business Process Re-engineering, IT Planning and System Thinking.

They started using pottery making as a tool in their training programme in 2002 as a way for teams to communicate, bond and discover their inner creativity. 

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Deposit for Team Building: $100