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Discover Creativity Through Pottery

By Ong Poh Choo , Singapore ’s Child Magazine (March 2004)

In today’s pressure-cooker academic environment, Singapore ’s Children are spending less time on experimentation and discovery activities.  Pottery making bridges the gap by enabling children to discover their creative skills by experimenting with texture and colour.

Research studies by academics within the arts field have shown that participation in such activities does have an impact on student achievement. Through pottery making, children learn about self-discipline, creativity and the confidence to succeed.  It provides a way to express their thoughts, feelings and hopes.

One such studio, Clay Cove has extensively promoted pottery making in Singapore through various activities such as Learning Expo 2002, ‘Inspiring Hands 2003’ exhibition, the Asian Children’s Festival 2003 and the first-ever Auction of Children’s Pottery Masterpieces in aid of charity.

A weekend visit to Clay Cove will find a very cheerful environment, with children sitting in groups of six or seven and encourages to share ideas with one another.  The clay work is very manageable and children of all ages can actually complete their own personalized pieces, leaving them with an obvious sense of personal accomplishment.

Like other forms of visual art, the children express themselves through creative movement, but with pottery they discover their own ability to create.  The curriculum is structured to provide guided learning with lots of room for experimentation. The children graduate from basic techniques such as pinching, figurine-making and coiling, to the more advanced techniques like slab-building, hollowing and combination methods.

Founders and hands-on teachers, Moni Pang and Magdalen Shew, are encouraged by the creativity their students have shown.  Both teachers are obviously qualified, very accommodating and patient with the children, and have a genuine energy and passion for the arts.

As an art form, pottery is fast being recognized as a right-brain developmental activity, enabling children to harness their sense of touch in reproducing 3-dimensional objects and images.

“Creativity works both ways: we inspire the children and in turn, we are inspired by their innocence, laughter, ideas and best of all, their work!” enthuse both teachers.

Apart from conducting regular pottery classes every weekend, Clay Cove also organizes special holiday programmes during school holidays, birthday parties, corporate team building events, and even parent-child bonding sessions.

Clay Cove has even launched ‘Clay Kids Club’, to accommodate those children who have developed a passion for pottery.  Child members are kept connected through educational mailers, plus talks and informal gatherings in the homely studio.

So, if your children are between 4 and 13 years of age and are in need of a productive way to express themselves, then the stress-free environment and creative outlet of pottery making may just work wonders!

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