"Celebrations with Clay"

An exhibition by Young Potters of Clay Cove in 2007


celebrations_01   celebrations_02
Exhibition by Clay Cove   Avriel Chow
celebrations_03   celebrations_04
Shia Kai   Lindsay Saw & Alyssa Saw
celebrations_05   celebrations_06
Terance Tan & Trina Tan   Nicole Lim
celebrations_07   celebrations_08
Foo Jing Yi   Kenzie Lim
celebrations_09   celebrations_10
Kaitlyn Lim   Jason Chan
celebrations_11   celebrations_12
Tania Sandhu   Tania Sandhu
celebrations_13   celebrations_10
Zoe Tan   Edgar & Edna
celebrations_15   celebrations_16
Chloe Chua   Shreeyah
celebrations_17   celebrations_18
School visit   School visit
celebrations_19   celebrations_20
School visit   School visit